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A Passionate Teacher

Dr. Tim Sigler has over 25 years of experience in biblical/theological studies and higher education. 

Teaching in the Land of the Bible


Study the Bible in the lands of the Bible. Wisdom Passages offers educational tours in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Turkey.


Walk in the footsteps of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles—and learn to follow Jesus in the land where he lived and among the people he loved. Meet local experts and taste the local cuisine.


Through his extensive travels in Israel and the Middle East, Tim seeks to equip others with an understanding and appreciation of the historical and cultural world of the Bible, the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and the ongoing role of Israel in God’s redemptive plan.


Tim has been studying the Bible in the lands of the Bible since 1989, and he will personally accompany you each step of the way. His friendships and local connections will offer your group unique opportunities to meet the experts, gain private access, and obtain special pricing on purchases so you can take home a piece of Bible history with you.

Linda Creamer

I enjoyed an awesome trip to Israel and Jordan with Tim Sigler in 2016.  Our trip itinerary included so much more than expected. I was excited to walk in Jesus footsteps. Now I'm going to Greece and Italy with Tim in 2018.  He has planned this trip to give an experience of walking in The Apostles Paul's footsteps.  It's a don't miss trip of a lifetime!

Patty Grove

Dr. Tim’s ability to weave wit with wisdom, created a truly memorable & impactful travel experience. I had the pleasure of recently touring with Dr Tim in Israel and was impressed by the depth of  his knowledge of biblical history, archaeology, & culture. He made the tour a rich experience through his talks, stories, & humor while introducing us to his personal network of  renowned archeological experts.  The experience was a most memorable trip & created a hunger to learn more.  I highly recommend Dr. Tim & Wisdom Passages  for a rewarding travel experience. 

Laura Grimaldi

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime! Our group with the expert help of Dr.Sigler had an amazing experience in Israel and Jordan. I am here with Eli Shukron a world renowned archeologist Eli spent the afternoon with all of us explaining his find at the pool of Siloam. How blessed I am to have had this opportunity! Next trip is Italy/Greece can’t wait for our next adventure with Dr.Sigler!!

Assisting Educators

Woman writing in a notebook

Do you need to create curriculum or academic programs? If you would like assistance creating undergraduate, graduate, online, study abroad, or traditional academic programs or curriculum, Wisdom Passages can help!


Our subject matter experts and course designers can provide content and shape to your curricular needs. Carefully crafted course descriptions, objectives, outlines, and assessment tools aid in building quality educational programing. Let us help you define and describe your educational goals using the trusted framework known as Bloom’s taxonomy.


The Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminaries (ACCESS) awarded Moody Online its Course of the Year Award in 2004 for Tim’s online course in Hermeneutics.


Invite Dr. Sigler to address your institution or group for public presentations and lectures in a number of his areas of scholarly research or personal interest.


  • Hermeneutics / Biblical Interpretation and Exegesis

  • The Song of Songs

  • Hebrew Poetry and Wisdom Literature

  • Historical Geography of the Ancient Near East

  • Museum Tours

  • Bible Conferences and Retreats

Strengthening Communities

Bible study group

Does your organization need assistance with executive communications, conflict resolution, or strategic planning? Wisdom Passages can help you apply biblical principles that seek to honor the Lord and serve His people.


  • Consultation with Boards and Executive Teams

  • Applying Biblical Concepts of Conflict Resolution

  • Crafting Executive Communications

  • Biblical Mediation Services

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