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Dr. Tim Sigler is CEO2 at Ariel Ministries. He has been studying and teaching about the land and people of Israel for 35 years. He was Provost and Dean at Shepherds Theological Seminary after nearly two decades as Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies at the Moody Bible Institute. While in Chicago, he also served as an elder at Olive Tree Congregation. He and his hospitable wife, Bernice, host educational tours throughout the biblical world with Wisdom Passages. They have three young adult children.


Tim has extensive academic and personal experience with the language, history, culture, and geography of the biblical world. His training and passion for the Scriptures uniquely qualify him as an outstanding host for those wishing to better understand their Bibles within the context it was written.


Join us on an amazing study tour of Israel, and add on an extension trip to Jordan or Egypt. We also offer tours that explore the Seven Messianic Letters to the Congregations of Asia Minor written from the Isle of Patmos as recorded in the Book of Revelation. You can also explore the Journeys of Paul through the scenic hills and ancient sites of Greece and Italy. The cultures and cuisines of these beautiful places of biblical significance await you. Book your tour today!

Dr. Tim Sigler and family in Israel
Sample Messages

Below are the first six messages in a twelve part series from the book of Proverbs.​

Hebrew Poetry - Tim Sigler
The Purpose of Proverbs - Tim Sigler
The Strange Woman - Tim Sigler
Lady Wisdom & Dame Folly - Tim Sigler
Two Ways to Live - Tim Sigler
Wisdom in Wallet & Word - Tim Sigler
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